Our Mission

Expanding Opportunity in Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington neighborhood, Haverhill, MA

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The Mt. Washington Alliance works to expand opportunity in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Haverhill through programs and resources for improving education, employment, and neighborhood life. Residents play a prominent role in both shaping and evaluating the work of the Alliance.

The overarching goal of the Alliance is to align social and economic opportunities for residents of Mt. Washington with those for the rest of Haverhill and the state of Massachusetts. To achieve this goal, the Alliance coordinates neighborhood efforts, connects residents with job and education resources, and promotes neighborhood initiatives in areas such as housing, health, safety, and community life.

As part of its charter, the Alliance has pledged, among other activities, to:

  • Meet regularly with the City of Haverhill’s Community Development Director and code enforcement team;
  • Coordinate neighborhood-based health and nutrition activities;
  • Connect Tilton School families with a full range of community services and resources;
  • Communicate the Alliance’s purpose and engage residents as members; and
  • Establish practices for bilingual communications and handicapped access.

The vision of the Mt. Washington Alliance: A strong, unified Haverhill where all people—with a focus on residents of  Mt. Washington—are healthy, safe, proud, and thriving.