Access to Jobs

Expanding Job Opportunities

Fantini Baking CoThe Alliance works to expand job opportunities for Mt. Washington residents through a combination of resources and advocacy. The goals of this work are to increase job readiness and access and to help residents overcome transportation and other issues that can hinder employment.

Career Center

A major part of this effort is increasing access to job training and placement services.  To that end, the Mt. Washington Alliance advocates for relocation of the Valley Works Career Center’s Haverhill satellite site, currently located outside of Haverhill’s low-income neighborhoods. The Alliance will research and negotiate for a space large enough to co-locate other employment, education, occupational training, mentoring, and social services programming.

This effort encompasses a range of activities, including:

  • Participate in the bid process to advocate for a Mt. Washington satellite of Valley Works Career Center.
  • Identify suitable satellite locations in the neighborhood.
  • Negotiate with the successful bidder to incorporate other community services at the satellite.
  • Create and widely distribute English and Spanish flyers, posters, and mailings about career center services.
  • Sponsor information sessions on career center services.
  • Recruit employers to use career center job posting and recruitment services.
  • Track data on Mt. Washington residents’ use of career center services.
  • Survey residents on ways to improve career center accessibility and services.

Job Postings & Access

The Alliance also serves as a hub to inform residents about job opportunities. Job information is distributed through a wide variety of channels, such as social media, a newsletter, flyers, notices at church services and other locations, and an outdoor messaging board to advertise upcoming job fairs and other opportunities.

Finally, the Alliance collaborates with government and business entities to expand access to jobs. Work in these areas includes:

  • Collaborate with the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority and the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission to assess transportation needs, adjust bus schedules, and craft other transportation solutions.
  • Assess childcare needs and options for current and potential workers.
  • Support current and potential childcare providers with neighborhood-based services.
  • Host employer training sessions to modify recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies.