Community Life

Improving the Mt. Washington neighborhoodImproving Housing, Health, and Neighborhood Life

The Mt. Washington Alliance seeks to improve neighborhood conditions in and around Mt. Washington by increasing access to safe and affordable housing, providing information and resources to address common health issues, and working with residents to build community.

To ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, the Alliance is committed to inclusiveness, including establishing practices to allow bilingual communication and access for those with limited mobility.


Stable housing is essential for building strong communities. To help individuals and families secure long-term housing, the Alliance collaborates with residents and other agencies to prioritize Mt. Washington for the city’s housing programs. We also offer information on opportunities related to the rental, purchase, or renovation of housing.


Public health is another key factor in building strong communities. The Alliance works to connect Mt. Washington residents with services and resources to improve health, nutrition, and food security. Priorities include providing wellness education for those at risk, providing nutrition information, and improving health access.


Community building is a huge part of our mission. The Alliance strengthens community relationships through neighborhood events and direct outreach to residents, businesses, agencies, schools, churches, and other organizations to create a sense of unity.

More than that, we provide channels that allow residents to have a say in directing community efforts, thus creating a cycle of communication, confidence, and trust. This trust affects public safety as residents become more willing to rely on city services, report safety concerns, and work to resolve public issues. It also contributes to a sense of civic pride, which can in turn increase participation in voting and other activities that have a direct impact on community life.