Safe and Affordable Housing

RehobothThe  Mt. Washington Alliance works to ensure neighborhood stability by helping residents secure affordable, long-term housing. One goal is to prioritize Mt. Washington for Haverhill’s programs to strengthen code enforcement, support home rehabilitation, and increase home ownership.

Alliance representatives meet regularly with city officials to monitor conditions, track metrics, and develop plans for increasing affordable housing. The Alliance also collaborates with affordable housing advocacy groups such as Merrimack Valley Project and Emmaus to raise awareness and address concerns about housing issues.

Another priority is to ensure that neighborhood residents find out about programs and opportunities related to the rental, purchase, or renovation of housing. For example, government agencies occasionally hold lotteries to determine who will be eligible to apply for subsidized and affordable units. In addition, assistance is sometimes available for homeowners to do renovations and repairs. Information about these opportunities can be found in the News section of our website and through our events and other communication channels.